February 9, 2021
Colombia-EN, Destinations

Colombia is the country of “Magical Realism”. Pristine beaches and beautiful colonial architecture form an idyllic backdrop for the unique experiences you can enjoy in this stunning country. Friendly and welcoming people, delectable food, and the world’s best coffee make Colombia one of our top destinations.

1. Coffee and Food

If you love good coffee, then you already know of Colombia’s reputation. But, did you know that the majority of the country’s coffee production comes from just one region? The Coffee Axis in the Paisa region is perfect for growing intensely flavorful beans and worthy of a visit for any caffeine enthusiast.

A great cup of coffee is even better after a hearty meal, and Colombia has no shortage of those to offer either. As varied as the many different regions, experiencing Colombia’s gastronomy is a large part of immersing yourself in the local culture. A warm sancocho for a rainy day; a fresh lulada for the heat of the Cauca Valley; a delicious tamale… Colombian flavors make you feel the tropics on your palate.

2. Visit Cartagena, a City of Dreams

It’s hard to deny the allure of Cartagena. It’s colorful, it’s lively, and it’s glamorous, all while maintaining an easygoing and authentic energy. The air of laid-back luxury has visitors flocking from all over the world, ready to experience its unique beaches, bars, and restaurants. It may still be an under-the-radar destination, but we have a feeling that it won’t be for very long. Experience the unique Centennial Park which houses sloths amongst the branches of its trees, pass under the picturesque Clock Tower and explore the Plaza de los Coches. The experience is almost spellbinding. 

3. Art – A Lot of Art

Colombia is color. Its walls aren’t just enclosures, they are works of urban art by street artists that show the personality of their communities. Comuna 13 in Medellín, downtown Bogotá, or Getsemaní in Cartagena de Indias are open-air museums where you can literally walk through the vibrancy of the local culture.

4. Medellín – The Essential Colombian City

Medellín is a city where clouds meet mountains, and its geographic location gives the urban sprawl a distinctly jungle atmosphere. It is also known as “The City of Eternal Spring”, which has the most pleasant climate of any city in the world. On any given day, Medellín’s temperature hovers around 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and although it rains often, the showers never seem to last long. We suggest spending a morning in El Poblado, possibly the safest and most tourist-friendly neighborhood in the city, and enjoying a coffee shop before heading off to spend your pesos at one of the many boutiques. Then head into the hills and spend an afternoon at Parque Arvi, a large nature reserve, or visit the Medellín Botanical Garden, closer to the city center.

5. The People!

Colombia is ranked as the second happiest country in the world for good reason. The country’s charisma and jovial nature shine through her people. Colombians are as diverse as their flowers and fruits. A mixed heritage of traits, races, and accents give this country a rich and complex cultural history. Don’t be surprised at hearing many different accents on your travels through the country and don’t hesitate to have a conversation with the locals. Colombians may be very divers, but they all have the same happy heart, full of desire to enjoy life.

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